Post-Loan Consultancy

Post-loan consultation is the process of obtaining expert counsel or direction following the receipt of a loan. For people or companies who want to be sure they are managing their loans well and getting the most out of them, this kind of consulting may be quite helpful.

Some common aspects of Post-Loan consultancy include:

  1. Loan management: A consultant can offer advice on how to properly manage your loan, including timely payments, keeping track of expenditures, and preventing default.
  2. Restructuring your debt: A consultant can assist you in assessing your financial commitments and creating a strategy for refinancing your loan or combining your debts.
  3. Financial planning: A consultant can assist you in creating a thorough financial plan that considers your debt commitments, earnings, expenses, and long-term objectives.
  4. Refinancing a loan: A consultant can assist you decide if refinancing your loan is a wise move and can walk you through the refinancing procedure.

Why We do post-loan consultation ?

Majority of the existing loan account holders ,for a more than 2 years old loan , are paying 1% to 2 % more rate of interest than the present market rate. We are sure that you will be one among them.

This is happening because of the typical banking calculation.

What will happens to your loans ?

Example :

Loan : – 10 lakh | EMI: – 8800

Case -1 | Rate of interest: – 8.7 % |Tenure : – 240 months

Case -2 | Rate of interest: – 9.7 % |Tenure : – 312 months

You are paying additional 72 EMI for just 1% increase in rate of interest

Total amount excess paid – 72 *8800 =6.3 lakh

You are paying 6.3 Lakhs additional for 10 lakhs loans

How can we help You?

We guide you to reduce high rate of interest to the best market rate in the same financial institution with immediate effects.

What are the other necessary steps and actions to be take to keep the rate of interest as low as possible and close the loan in the minimum time span?

If your current financial institution is not ready to give the best available market rate, then we will help you to get the best suitable rates for you.

We also guide the customers to overcome the CIBIL and credit relates issues

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